"I see, you see, and now we need to show and share it with the world."
Calleey Horizon

About My Blog

Here is where you will find me most often when I am not writing fiction or poetry.

Or, add my blog feed to your favorite feed reader and you will be updated whenever there is something new.

You will find that I write on a wide range of topics - not just on writing, and while I may not post quite as often as some bloggers do, I try to make each posting one that really has something valuable to say.

You may always email me for now. While I am currently not accepting any snail mail correspondence, I do try to address as many of your emailed comments and questions as I can here in my blog. I firmly believe that openness, spontaneity, and community are what can bring us all together.

I hope to see you (and hear from you) back here soon.

God bless.


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