"Accept your uniqueness and the world will accept you."
Calleey Horizon

Calleey welcomes all comments relating to her works, philosophy and spirituality, or life in general. Here's how to reach her.


If you would like to reach Calleey with any questions about her books, or are curious about her, her writing, or just would like to participate in a dialogue, you may e-mail her at calleeyh@yahoo.com.

She cannot always promise to answer your e-mail personally, but does read each and every one. If she doesn't answer your email directly, you may find that it has inspired a blog posting, so be sure to check there frequently. That's the easiest way to see what is currently happening, and she posts to it as often as she can.

The Blog

She welcomes emails from everyone, and truly enjoys the sense of community that blogging brings.

Calleey has many thoughts on a wide range of topics, especially in the very uncertain and difficult times in which we live. While she is currently not accepting any snail mail correspondence, she does try to answer as many of the comments coming from your emails as she can in her blog. Calleey firmly believes that openness, spontaneity, and community are what bring us all together.