"Listen to the subtle tremble in your soul - a thundering reverberation of an ultimate creation to emerge."
Calleey Horizon

Calleey Horizon's Intentions on Her Three Volumes of Books of Sentiments:

These three volumes of Sentiments were created so they can spread the message to the world that changes can be made, if the world and all factions will combine their efforts to think in universal terms and not just in their own backyards for the betterment of mankind as a whole in every segment of life and living.

We as a people have allowed society's conditioning to do as they wish with us, and felt powerless to effect the changes we require as a whole in order to end all world's pains and sufferings and the crucifixion of humanity.

If these volumes of sentiments can travel a journey to fulfill their agenda of bringing together humanity in every segment of the world then they would have accomplished their goal.

Peace and harmony is crucial for all to survive and succeed as a people on a united journey. They must share a staunch committed objective to maintain the peace our fragile world requires to prevent its demise.

Where These Concepts/Writings
Come From:

It was something I felt I needed to contribute to society and in doing so, I dug deep within me and out flowed this gushing of thoughts that needed to be written and shared with every level of society what is a-missed here, and perhaps by my sharing my deepest sentiments through these three audio books, I might have effected the deep opening of sleeping minds in the world and in every level of intellectual existence on earth today.

Volume I - Revealing Insights

Revealing Insights Cover

Volume One in her Books of Sentiments series.

REVEALING INSIGHTS - Audiobook, coming soon

Volume II - Progressive Wave-Line

Progressive Wave-Line Cover

The second Book of Sentiments.

PROGRESSIVE WAVE-LINE - Audiobook, coming soon

Volume III - Choices Un-Chosen

Choices Un-Chosen Cover

The third volume in Calleey's Books of Sentiments series.

CHOICES UN-CHOSEN - Audiobook, coming soon