"A different beat can sometimes awaken a slumbering world."
Calleey Horizon

A Writer - and More

Like many writers and artists who suddenly seem to appear from nowhere, Calleey has led a varied life before and outside of her writing. Here is part of her story.

Calleey Horizon is a fresh, new, up-and-coming novelist and poet who is currently writing several novels for young adults, as well as three other adult-oriented novels that will be published in the near future.

Previously, Calleey had a life and career involved with sales and marketing, as well as working as an entrepreneur in her own businesses. She is now devoting the majority of her time to her writing, and is delighted that she has been granted the opportunity to do what she most loves to do - write.

Life in Its Fullness

For relaxation, Calleey spends time indulging in her favorite pastimes, which include gourmet cooking, baking herbal breads and travel. She currently lives in the Southwestern US.

To contact Calleey, you may direct all emails and correspondence to calleeyhorizon@gmail.com. She is currently not accepting any snail mail correspondence.