"Spread the creative word, share the message and make the world a special place for all."
Calleey Horizon

There are many, many fine writers out there, and many wonderful places to get help along the way toward becoming one of them.

Novelists and Poets of Note

I have selected just a few who have touched me in some way. I believe that you will love them, too. Please have a look, and discover some new perspectives for yourself. I have.

Links to Passions in Poetry's wonderful poetry catalogue of site listings.

A good source for online poetry collections.

Links to over 500 classic poets throughout history - a wonderful reference.

A nice site of friendship and love poems.

Inspirational and Useful Sites for Authors

For those of you who also feel the desire - the need to write and express yourself to the fullest, here are some websites that I believe can help you along your own personal journey of discovery.

Writing World - A casual, yet comprehensive site that has something for every writing style.

Poetry Magic is a resource centre for the theory and craft of writing poetry. A very nice website.

Writer's Digest contains lots of resources for improving your writing skills, and some regular competitions as well.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab - A really comprehensive resource for all kinds of writing. Contains online courses, reference sections, style guides, and much more.

William Strunk, Jr.'s classic The Elements of Style. Concise guide to the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated. Essential reading for everyone.

Bartelby.com's list of many fine reference books - encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, and more. All free, courtesy of Bartelby's.